Starstone Nugget



Now combining the grain of Eternal Flame from Kassen’s crypt and the core of the divining magic portion of the Rod of Everlasting Gold from the Isle of Terror, this pea-sized nugget is incredibly heavy and dense. It produces a heatless flame and allows its holder to act in any surprise round, although they are still flat-footed if they would not normally be allowed to act. However, it comes with a drawback – anyone bearing it has an accelerated metabolism and must eat twice as many meals per day.

It is rumored that there are other fragments scattered across the continent, and presumably will combine with any other pieces or the largest piece of the comet which rests in the cathedral of Absalom. These pieces are desired by many factions as it is believed that they will provide a leg up on the challenges involved in ascending to godhood by taking the Test of the Starstone.

Starstone Nugget

Fragments of the Starstone gugliacci